No, I stated that e-gold said that PayPal would reverse the funds because they are fraudulent

No, I stated that e-gold said that PayPal would reverse the funds because they are fraudulent

. On the receipt, we saw the same sender’s email, but on the Sender’s list, there’s a new email and the sender’s email, that’s mean 2 differents emails… THEY ARE SCAM.

Chad stated he stated that he emailed DblCash about gotten paid within the hour each time via paypal and the money was doubled and said that DblCash stated that Paypal will end up reversing the Read Full Report funds because they are fraudulent. Well, I email DblCash about if the funds we are getting are fraudulent and they said that the funds we are getting are not fraudulent. So why would they tell you that the funds are fradulent and they tell me that the funds are not fraudulent?

Well… I think people do not INVEST in that organisation… Cuz after checking my Send Money page, I saw that two emails appears in my Sender’s list

Recently, PayPal received a notification from a user regarding unauthorized access to his PayPal account. As a result, one of the payments credited to your PayPal account has been placed in a temporary hold while we investigae the claim. The details of this transaction are as follows:

I spoke with Paypal twice about this matter and they have been absolutely no help

Thank goodness I stumbled across this site! I almost went through with this disgusting scam. I know this sounds redundant but “IF IT SOUNDS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE IT PROBABLY IS”. I think the first time we hear those words it is from our parents mouths. These people are the scum of the earth and they get off on victimising people that are in need of money to survive. Not only that these scum are stealing from people on Paypal. Makes you wonder how they even get into peoples Paypal accounts if indeed that is what is happening. Paypal is supposedly a secure system. However saying that, hackers can get into anything they want to. Paypal doesn’t seem to be doing much if they are shutting down Paypal accounts of the people that are being victimised by dblcash. They really should be focusing on trying to find out how these scum azz losers are stealing peoples Paypal accounts and then shut them down! Unless Paypal has something to hide…hmmm, really makes you wonder.

Well I got suckered into this scam and spent a lot more money than the rest of you. I thought it was too good to be true, but people make millions on the internet, so I figured this was my lucky break. dblcash doubled my money everytime and took me for roughly $2, US dollars. I kept my returns in my Paypal account, which was quickly frozen. I now show a negative balance in my Paypal account, which I still don’t quite understand. I thought Paypal was scamming me (and maybe they still are), but I’ve come to the conclusion that dblcash is the big scammer. They told me I should get an attorney and they’re investigating the people who sent me money. They don’t understand, I was scammed too!

Jason: I’m really sorry to hear that. It’s a shame you didn’t find out about the scam beforehand, like Josie. At least you can take comfort in the fact that others will be saved from being scammed by hearing your story.

Welp, the funds were reversed. I am now out $135. I am also happy that I found this site before I took it further. I e-mailed PayPal several times and like Jason said, they were totally no help.